Dementia Awareness Month

Dementia Awareness Month is a national awareness-raising event held every year in September. Its ultimate goal is to encourage all Australians to know everything about dementia and support people living with this disease and their families and carers.

Memory Walk & Marathon Season

Our memory walk and marathon event was one of the most successful campaigns for us. The marathon held at Barrine Drive, Canberra and hundreds of people participated in this event with the sole aim to help those who are affected.

Dementia Counselling

We have organised an event to assist individuals and families through our dementia counselling sessions. We helped people in gaining complete knowledge about the impact of dementia and how to care in the future. Our experienced counsellors also assisted families in reaching agreement on dementia care issues.

Walk to end Dementia

Inspired and driven by those who are passionate about putting an end to this disease. Hundreds and thousands of people participated in this event to raise funds and awareness towards dementia. This event was a great success for us.

National Dementia Dinner

During this event at the 2018 Dementia Association Advocacy Form on 19th December, advocates celebrated the victories from the last year and also honoured dementia heroes.