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We are looking for young, passionate and hardworking volunteers who can bring awareness of dementia and fight against this disease. Join us and learn about the people living with dementia.

Let’s Serve the Dementia Community

Are you serious about putting an end to dementia disease? Do you want to get involved with Dementia Net Community? Let us work together and find out the best possible ways of giving quality life to those suffering from different types of dementia.

Grab our Volunteer Opportunity

Our volunteers are dedicated, enthusiastic and inspired and committed to making a big difference in the fight against dementia disease. You can find our volunteer opportunities via your local dementia association and make your society more concerned about the people suffering from this condition. Currently, we need volunteer power in the following areas:

  • Special events such as conferences and counselling
  • Public education and awareness events
  • Customer help desk
  • Advocacy
  • Motivators, etc.

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