What is Dementia?

In Australia, more than 436,370 people are living with dementia, and we are helping those by organising awareness programs and workshops across the country.

Dementia is a common term used for a decline in mental ability severe. It describes multiple symptoms affecting memory, social and thinking abilities. These symptoms badly affect the daily functioning of the mind. There is a collection of symptoms that can cause dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common causes of dementia in older adults.We take pride in creating a community of people, of all ages, living with different forms of dementia, their families and loved ones.

Who we are

A trusted dementia-friendly community where older adults and people living with dementia are supported to live a more stable and quality life with a determined goal, value and meaning.

Become a Dementia Friend

Join hundreds of thousands of volunteers who are making efforts in developing the life of people living with this disease. Encourage your family and friends to become a part of this noble cause with us.

Our Workshops & Conferences

Our community is committed to bringing awareness about the dementia disease. We organise various programs to educate people about the common symptoms, causes and preventions of Dementia.

We Care & Support

Awareness-raising Campaigns

Are your loved ones losing their memory? Are they suffering from dementia? Come and join our campaigns to know everything about this disease. Our campaigns held every year across Australia.

Providing Support

We take immense pride in offering services to support people with different types of dementia, their families and caretakers. We also provide counselling services and organise workshops to make patients physically and socially active.

Educating the Society

We are one of the trusted providers of dementia education with over decades of experience in this specific niche. We work along with our team of volunteers to make Australia a dementia-free nation.

Our Workshop

Take a Positive Step & Join your Hands with us!

Raising awareness about dementia to make Australia a dementia-friendly country!

We are looking for passionate, hardworking, young and dedicated volunteers who can bring awareness of dementia in the society. Our objective is to fight against this disorder and that’s why we want everyone who can assist people living with dementia.

You can find volunteer opportunities through our local dementia associated and make our country more concerned about the people with dementia. We are building a better world for these people and that’s our sole objective. You can get all the updated information via events and social awareness programs for a more secure future. You can also contribute in making Australia a friendly place for dementia patients.

Innovative Approach

Creating online videos of people with dementia, their families and carers

Social get-togethers

Let them enjoy life and live independently.

Our Events

Spreading awareness all around Australia

Our Dedication

We work together to achieve targeted goals.

Get Involved

It is a golden chance for everyone to join this cause and support those who are living with dementia and their families across Australia. You can donate or become an advocate for people with dementia disease. Since dementia is a public health issue, we are advocating for public policies to increase critical research funding and support all those who are affected with this disease. We also have a team of volunteers who are passionate, dedicated and inspired. They are making a positive difference by helping dementia community and making their life more comfortable. If you can spare a few hours in a day or week, please consider becoming our volunteer. Let’s bring a smile on the faces of people who have dementia!. Our sole aim is to give quality life to those aged people who are suffering from memory loss or dementia symptoms. Our trained and friendly counsellors provide support solutions, education and information through well-planned events and awareness campaigns and keep organising such activities to let people exercise their mind on a regular basis. The activities like painting, singing and solving puzzles can help a lot in maintaining a good mental health of these people. If you want your loved ones to stay happy and confident, then join us and be a part of our campaign. For more details, contact us.

Our Events

Dementia Awareness Month

Dementia Awareness Month is a national awareness-raising event held every year in September. Its ultimate goal is to encourage all Australians to know everything about dementia and support people living with this disease and their families and carers.

Memory Walk & Marathon Season

Our memory walk and marathon event was one of the most successful campaigns. The marathon held at Barrine Drive, Canberra and hundreds of people participated in this event with the sole aim to help those who are affected.

Dementia Counselling

We have organised an event to assist individuals and families through our dementia counselling sessions. We helped people in gaining complete knowledge about the impact of dementia and how to care in the future. Our experienced counsellors also assisted families in reaching agreement on dementia care issues.

Our Patrons